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The Little Shop Of was started by my wife, Jackie and me, Simon in April 2009 to sell our new product The Little Book of Earrings. The book came about after Jackie had searched for years for a neat way to store and organise her earrings. There are several good products available like earring 'trees' that will keep earrings organised but the drawback with these is they have to stand on the dressing table or shelf. We were after something that would hold the earrings securely but could also be kept in a drawer for safekeeping or, when traveling, could be carried in a suitcase.

The first Little Book was ready and went on sale in March 2009 and proved to be very popular. We've made a number of improvements since then, largely due to suggestions from our customers. We've changed the layout of the pages to ensure the earrings don't get damaged when the book’s closed. We've also added new colours and improved the quality of the materials we use.

In 2010 we added the Little, little Book of Earrings. Based on the same principles of simplicity, style and usefulness, these small earring books will hold up to 12 pairs of earrings. Ideal for traveling or to hold a young persons first earrings.

The Little Book of Necklaces were also added to our range in 2010 and more recently, the Little Book of Rings and the smaller, Little Little Book of Rings were introduced.

All these books are designed to keep jewellery safe and secure at home or when traveling.

Finally, we're always looking for new outlets for The Little Book so, if you're a shop owner, party planer etc. and you think our books would fit well with your current stock, get in touch via our contact page and we can discuss it further. Meanwhile, Thanks for visiting our site.


Little book of earrings

little Book of earrings

Little book of Necklaces

little Book of necklaces

Little book of rings

little Book of rings